Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Darling Birthday

Celebration for my Darling birthday start on 19th November.
Mid Afternnoon, I went to collect the Mint cake from Angie Choice for my darling.
Then proceed to pick her up from work.

As we are quite full, we proceed to Ming Kee at Macpherson Road to try our luck to see whether we are able to eat the bamboo clam which we wanted to eat for a long time.

Actual Day (20 Nov)
I pick my darling up from her house and we proceed to Jurong Point to have our lunch at Aijsen.
Bought a night gown for baby from Young Hearts.
After that, we proceed to North Point.
Birthday present is a shopping spree at Watson. She bought some DHC products after hearing some rave review.
We then check in at OCC. The room was better now after being renovated.
At night, we went to buckaroo to have the buffalo chicken wing. This time we tried LVL 4. My baby was so weak.... lvl 4 she cannot tahan at all.

21th Nov
After buying breakfast for my baby, we check out of the hotel and proceed to ION orchard to buy our winter clothing and stuff.

We went to lucky plaza to buy some gloves, Long John, Woolen sock etc....
Then my baby and I proceed to go ION to buy a pair of boots for our beijing trip.

Since my baby requested that her birthday celebration will last 1 week, I decided to buy her the pair of shoes too.

After that, we went to suntec to see camera. We discovered that our camera cannot be used at CHINA unless we buy a camera that is specially made for Winter.

After walking non-stop for a few hours, we decided to go home.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How I spend my Christmas

Nothing much actually. Just book a room and drink drink drink to while the night away.

Christmas is nothing special nowadays.

I bought a 20 Inch Samsung Lcd as a Christmas for my sweet darling.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthday Gift

Today I went to find my darling after work again.

This time we proceed to NorthPoint as the watch that my darling like only have stock there. Once we reached there, we proceed to have our dinner at the new japanese food court upstairs at the new extension. Food there was not bad but of course not as nice as compared to the Japanese restaurant as it is only a food court. But the price is much better.

After Dinner, proceed to City Chain to buy the watch which she wanted and some lingerie.

I have finally bought her the Birthday Presents which I have been owing her for quite some time already. Dear, U got pressie already.... Stop hounding me for your presents everyday ok.

I Love U..